Training Services

We offer training online or on-premise.  We can offer our standardised training, but these can be tailored to your needs.  By undertaking our training, this will help support your objectives of embedding data security and cyber security within your organisation, whether it is to improve your security or for compliance reasons.



Our e-Learning training is delivered online by using a webinar platform (via Zoom, or Microsoft Teams).  Here are some examples of training courses:

e-Learning / Online 
This is delivered via a webinar platform (Microsoft Teams or Zoom).

Offline Training
These are conducted on-premise, at your offices or your preferred locations.

We can support you to undertake specific exercises to support your security and compliance journeys. Examples can include any part of a security standard or compliance standard. Examples of typical workshops can include scoping, process reviews, network reviews, software coding reviews etc.


Q: Our organisation is unique and require something a bit more specialised. Can you help?

A: We can develop specific / tailored training depending on your requirements, policies, or where you are on your security journey.

Q: We use a different training platform / webinar solution. Can you still offer your training?

A: We are happy to work with you to use your webinar solution.  We will need you to setup the webinar and be the host, or provide us with sufficient privilege in order to present.

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