Information Security and Cyber Security

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You may not see it, but threats are all around to your business and your own life.  Learn about information security and cyber security through our online training.  Where you need help, get bespoke information and cyber security assessment services.  

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The PROTECT Protocol

How can we help you?

See a summary of our services below.


We can undertake assessments and testing against benchmarks to understand your security posture. Examples include PCI DSS and CIS controls.

Advisory & Strategy

We can help by advise for remediation and solutions. We offer consultation and training covering a wide variety of areas.

Remediation & Training

We can provide bespoke help and support to help you through your security journey.

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Minerva Secure

Our mission is to strength and protect businesses of any size. We offer governance, risk and compliance services to help businesses understand their security posture and how it can be improved.


Experience in many sectors. Not only technical understanding, but business acumen. This helps to provide you practical and cost effective solutions, to help reduce costs and improve resiliency.


We are experienced information technology and security auditors. We have skillsets that are technically deep, such as software development and encryption. This allows us to better assess your environment and inform of risks that are meaningful.  

Remediation Focused

We all want to know about the real state of security issues. More importantly, we want to know solutions. We recognise many businesses want to know which areas to prioritise, to improve their security.