About Us

Welcome to Minerva Secure

Information security and cyber security services, protecting your business. Aiming to make the world a safer place.


Our mission is to strength and protect businesses of any size. We offer governance, risk and compliance services to help businesses understand their security posture and how it can be improved.

Our Vision

Any business should operate successfully and do so in a secure manner.

Our vision is that we become the partner of choice of data security and cyber security services, helping organisations protect their customer data, protect their business data, and in turn making sure they still have a business tomorrow, protecting jobs and livelihoods.

Our Values

Our values empower us, drive our behaviours, our thoughts, and as a result drive our actions. We C.A.R.E:

We want to collaborate with your organisation and be seen as your trusted partner and do things in a fair and transparent manner.

We want to be provide services that gives your organisation assurance by including honesty and integrity in our work.

We want to add value using trusted advice and services that are pragmatic, cost-effective and right for your organisation.

We aim to maintain quality in our daily activities and our approach.

Who Are We

Established in April 2022, we aim to provide cost-effective security services that is right for your business. We specialise in assessments and training to provide cost-effective methods to improve business security and financial security.


Our objectives are to create secure, reliable and scalable products or services for Assessment, Consultation and Education.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

We offer services using our varied expertise across a number of industries.

We understand technical concepts and have experience with a variety of different technologies and solutions, including software development, encryption, networks etc.

We first understand about your business, your goals, and your objectives. We also look into your business processes and technical processes, so that we can relay this into something meaningful to the business.

We have many years of experience across a number of industries and sectors. Whether you are small retailer, or a large financial organisation, we can help.

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