The PROTECT Protocol Discovery Call Questionnaire

Just 5 minutes - complete this short questionnaire now and submit.

We need to review the responses well in advance of your call.  If you do not complete and submit before your call, your call is likely to be cancelled and you will need to rebook. Take 5 minutes now.


Complete All Responses

Examples: Concerned about ransomware * Don't know how secure we are * Want to protect the business from closing down in an incident etc.
Examples: * Don't know how to manage security * Cannot manage vulnerabilities on the network or server systems * Need to get compliant * Our software development is not secure * Want to know how secure we are * Struggle to get funding from management * Can't manage security with little time * We have been hacked and don't know what to do etc.
Examples: Don't have the expertise * Don't know where to begin * Little management commitment etc.