Testing Services

Find out the security state of your systems, applications and networks.

Penetration Testing

The penetration test (pentest) service intends to simulate real-life attacks to your systems.  These include testing your hardware, applications, systems and networks.  Unlike a vulnerability scan which highlights potential problems, a penetration test seeks to exploit the problems to see whether it is a credible threat.


Types of Testing

Request Information

Identify weaknesses

Simulates human attacker to identify potential problems, so you can fix the issues.

Support Compliance

Meet standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC2.

Customer Confidence

Assure your customers you support your security programme.


Q: Our organisation is unique and require something a bit more specialised. Can you help?

A: We start with a call to find out your specifics.  Most often, after discussion we find requirements are typical situations that we can cover.

Q: Do you need to know information about our systems?

A: We work how you want to work. We often recommend a ‘Blackbox’ test, where we do not know any information to simulate a real-life attacker.  Where you wish to provide some information about processes or architecture, then this would either be ‘Greybox testing’ or ‘Whitebox’ testing.